Chemistry & Material Science

Our Chemistry & Materials analysts have world-class technical backgrounds and in-depth knowledge of diverse topics spanning chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and agrochemical technology spaces. By combining this deep technical and analytical expertise with substantial search experience, we provide our clients with targeted efficient searches and the most relevant results every time.

In addition to the standard core databases, our analysts access other important Chemistry and Material Science-related electronic resources to ensure that the most pertinent documents will be reviewed. These resources include chemical structure-based databases such as Chemical Abstracts Service Registry, Marpat and CASReact and specialized databases such as Petroleum Abstracts (Tulsa), Gmelin among others. We also manually search monographs, journals and conferences proceedings at multiple local libraries, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hayden Science Library and the Harvard Medical School Countway Library.

Chemistry & Material Science Project Expertise include:

Agrochemicals and Fertilizers
Chemical Structure Searching
Controlled Release Formulations
Drug Delivery Platforms
Industrial Processes
Inorganics and Alloys
Markush Structure Searching
Organometallics and Catalysts
Papermaking Technologies
Pharmaceutical Formulations
Reaction Pathways

If you would like more information on our Chemistry Analysts backgrounds, please see our specialist page.

For inquires contact:

Daniel Neuman, Ph.D.
Group Leader - Chemistry & Materials
Phone: US (1) 617.574.9574