Medical Devices

Our Medical Device analysts have world-class technical backgrounds and in-depth knowledge of diverse topics ranging from surgical staplers to drug delivery platforms. By combining this deep technical and analytical expertise with substantial search experience, we provide our clients with targeted efficient searches and the most relevant results every time.

In addition to the standard core databases, our analysts access other important Medical Device-related resources to ensure that the most pertinent documents will be reviewed. These resources include specialized databases such as the FDA’s 510k and PMA databases, IEEE and ASTM databases, in addition to product advertisements and manuals. We also manually search monographs, journals and conferences proceedings at multiple local libraries, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hayden Science Library and the Harvard Medical School Countway Library.

Medical Device Project Expertise include:

Biological Sensors
Cardiac Assistive Devices
Electromagnetic Tissue Therapy
Glucose Monitors
Heart Valve Repair
Implanted Devices
Medical Electronics and Imaging
Neural Stimulation
Orthopaedic Devices
Spinal Fixation Techniques
Surgical Instrumentation
Ultrasound Technology

If you would like more information on our Medical Device Analysts backgrounds, please see our specialist page.

For inquires contact:

Daniel Currie, M.E.
Group Leader - Medical Devices
Phone: US (1) 617.574.9574