In Freedom-to-Operate cases, a thorough understanding of the technology at hand and close, direct communication with the client is critical for defining the appropriate parameters for the search and the identification of relevant documents. At Global Prior Art, our experts possess both technical degrees in applicable fields as well as diverse searching experience in topics related to the specific technologies. To facilitate communication and our client’s timely review of the material, we provide interim findings as the search progresses. In summary, we draw on both our expertise and experience to provide our clients with the most relevant documents in the most efficient and transparent manner.

As a trusted and experienced partner in FTO cases, we provide our clients with:

  • Customized project parameters that are closely aligned with your search criteria
  • Identification of patents & published applications that may be infringement risks
  • Coverage of US (and foreign) documents based on client requirements
  • Informative deliverables which include categorization by technical features